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In-N-Out, Weirdly, Is a Climate Change Indicator

A warming planet is more hospitable to palm trees. The iconic SoCal chain is obsessed with them.


Why the future of farming is taking lessons from commercial real estate

Demand for organic food is growing exponentially in North America—and Farmland LP's Craig Wichner is meeting it with an investment fund for farmers


The Gas Lobby Is Slowing Climate Progress

You may be helping them.


You Don't Need a New Water Bottle

You might not even need to drink more water.


It’s Time to Re-imagine the Air Conditioner

Heat pumps could kill A/C, without killing the environment. The Inflation Reduction Act wants to help you buy one.


This Won’t Be the Last Time the East Coast Experiences Wildfire Smoke. Here’s How to Handle It.

A few days into the Smokepocalypse of 2018, I got a call from a friend. “Wanna flee?” she asked me.


The Case for a Climate Movement That Destroys Property

How to Blow Up A Pipeline is not a “watch the movie, skip the book” situation.


Someone Disrupted the Trash Can. It … Doesn’t Suck?

The bin takes food scraps and turns them into chicken feed. Can it make a difference?


California Is Shattering Snow Records. That’s Wonderful—and Terrifying.

In case you hadn’t noticed … it’s snowing!


The Biden Administration Says Willow Will “Haze” Four Polar Bears. The Reality May Be Much More Disturbing.

How will Willow affect polar bears? The Fish and Wildlife Service overlooked an important angle.


Humans could learn a weird lesson from snot-bubble-blowing echidnas.

The egg-laying mammals are facing climate change in an intriguing way.


The IPCC report, climate modeling, and the future of redwoods.

Redwoods thrive in fire. How long can they keep it up? Models can’t tell us yet.


Which islands will become uninhabitable due to climate change first?

Climate change is raising sea levels, and many low-lying islands are at risk. But determining which communities will be first to leave is impossible to answer.


What are the most polluted cities in the world?

Cities like Lahore, Pakistan, Hotan China and Delhi, India have consistently poor air quality, but it's impossible to accurately identify the city with the world's worst air pollution.


New Flood Protection Standard for the Peninsula

The core recommendation is a stricter standard for shoreline levees.


New Maps Reveal Bay Area Flood Threat From Below

As sea levels rise, so will Bay Area water tables.


Wisconsin has a ‘solar rights’ law. But HOAs still sometimes prevent solar installations

Though state law prohibits homeowners associations from banning solar panels, many unintentionally block installation.


Special pavement coating helps Los Angeles neighborhood stay cool

A coating applied in summer 2022 is designed to reflect the sun’s infrared rays, reducing heat in urban areas.


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